The importance of the community manager in the hospitality industry

19 October 2022 | By Gloria Candiani | COMMUNICATION

The importance of the community manager in the hospitality industry

In this digital era, if you do not have a presence in the networks, it will be difficult to implement a strategy for growth, visibility and monitoring of your brand. 

Do you need a receptionist to receive your customers? Do you need a manager to manage the proper functioning of a hotel? Exactly, each department has its own staff, trained and dedicated to a specific task, which together with the rest of the areas that make up the hotel, work in perfect harmony to provide quality and good customer service.
So why not pay attention to your social networks? Guests give their opinion, not only at the time of their stay, but also after their stay, and word of mouth has a new platform: social networks.

Comments and recommendations about your hotel tip the balance towards a new reservation and possible loyalty, or towards a reputation crisis.

It depends on many factors, on the one hand the community manager can develop his work within the same department focusing on the digital community of the hotel and in support of the PR colleagues, as they can inform each other about the events that happen both in the hotel itself and in the networks and follow the same line of work.
If the department in charge of public relations were to perform the functions of the community manager, it would take up a lot of time asking the customers who are staying at the hotel in this moment,  it would not meet the objectives of your department. Basically, both perform the same work within the hospitality industry, but in different areas and with many other nuances that make the difference in dealing with the customer online and offline.

Why are community manager functions important in the hospitality industry?

Before they arrive

Your future guests have already checked all your social networks and website, which makes them make a decision between you and your competition.
That's why you have to start working as soon as possible with the digital promotion of your hotel's online reputation. One of the functions of the community manager is to nurture your platforms with essential information, valuable content and relevant photos, generating the customer's need to obtain those services. If we implement a correct strategy with clear objectives, we will get a satisfied customer before they even get on the plane.

During they stay

A happy client will want to show it to the world, create a special Hashtag with the hotel activities, where our guests can share their photos, show them how the hotel departments work through our networks to establish personal relationships and strengthen the community; create online games and reward them with reward points, discounts, etc... to grow your prestige and notoriety in social networks and within the hotel industry, all of which will also be seen by other potential clients. That is adding value to your services.

After they stay

Do not ask your guest to write a review, things by obligation are not going to be with love. A satisfied guest will already do it on the way to the airport, when he will be accompanied by the comforting feeling of having stayed in the best hotel possible and with the best personalized service. The community manager will be in charge of keeping that impression and will try to capture the customer as a direct sale for his next stay. 

Examples of how to implement social media with your customers in the hospitality industry


Here you should focus on your potential customers, create a Fanpage, upload photos, interact with your customers, create games. CREATE NEEDS.


Humanize your hotel, let customers know who keeps their rooms in good condition, who cooks for them, who will welcome them in the restaurant, create online games, giveaways, hashtags with "best moments of", encourage them to participate while they are staying and make them feel special, connect with each other and above all, identify that emotion with your hotel. CREATE EMOTIONS.


Connect with other people. Not only customers matter, also relationships with other companies, institutions or organizations may have directly or indirectly something to do with your hotel. Strengthen relationships and you will create new ones, which will open new possibilities and collaborations. CREATE NETWORKING.

Market and competitor analysis

See where we are starting from and where we want to go. The CM studies the situation, web traffic, positioning, community, elaborates a SWOT analysis, clear objectives.


The CM nourishes your social networks and web platforms with valuable content. Everyone can upload a photo and say something in it, the CM elaborates a strategy connecting with your target audience, pursuing a specific purpose. It seeks engagement.

Keep an eye on everything

There are many tools for this purpose, and this happens because it is an essential task. If you do not measure your actions you will not be able to know what is working or what you should change, something basic to follow a marketing plan.


The functions of a community manager in the hospitality industry

  • Manage your hotel's community.
  • Listen to your customers and provide customer service on the web.
  • Research the competition
  • Manage your company's brand identity.
  • Run campaigns on your social networks
  • Manage possible reputation crises
  • Generate valuable content (blogs, posts...)
  • Position your brand (SEO)
  • Identify the infinite possibilities of visibility on social networks.

By Gloria Candiani




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