Why should you focus on Loyal guests in Hospitality?

Loyalty Program, Rewards, Advantages… are some of the many names you can hear in the Hospitality industry when giving a name to the strategies to increase your loyal guests.

by Axovia   |  29 Nov 2022
Intelligent reporting in the hospitality industry with Data Studio

Did you know that the report is a key piece of your work, no matter what sector your company or business is aimed at, it will always be necessary to have a tool that allows you to establish the results of your kpi's?

by Axovia   |  20 Nov 2022
What is SEO and how will it help me to position my hotel's website?

If you are looking for how to increase the visibility of your hotel, or to put it more simply, how to make my hotel appear in Google?

by Axovia   |  16 Nov 2022
UI / UX design What is it and what is the importance of a design system?

Learn the importance of design systems and the importance of UI and UX design from Axovia!

by Axovia   |  11 Nov 2022
Google Ads Campaigns: How and where to invest? Seasonality and Markets

Google Ads campaigns are used to promote products or services. They are made up of ad groups, ads, keywords, budget, bidding and one of the most important pillars: segmentation.

by Axovia   |  26 Oct 2022
What is A/B testing?

In the world of digital marketing and web analytics there is a term you hear a lot: A/B testing. But what is A/B testing?

by Rafael Montero   |  21 Oct 2022